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🐰 Hello & Welcome to my Neverland!

Retro Chic Style - A Kiss of Nostalgia

My Christian name is Aldora and that means Noble in English or Winged Gift in Greek. I believe that I exist for the noble purpose to be a winged gift in everybody’s life – shedding light to the doubtful and showering joy to those who are down.  Oh by the way, I am nicknamed as “Rabbit” because that is my zodiac sign. 😅

I met the love of my life – Griffin aka Sweetie Muffin on Valentine’s Day and married him on 12 April 2015. 👰

On The | B L O G

I started my blog – “Musings of a Rabbit” (now rebranded as “Aldora Muses) in October 2013 for the sole purpose to share my experiences with those around me. I started blogging mainly about food before I moved on to blog about Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle as eating too much is making me fat. 😭

As a service-oriented individual, I pride myself in providing quality and prompt services to my corporate clients as well as establishing a sound creditability in both the insurance industry and bloggersphere through integrity.


I do lots of leisure reading on how to improve my social media platforms and online shopping during my free time. Taking OOTDs with my hubby is one of my favourite activities during the weekends as I am an avid instagramer for @Aldora_Muses.😁

My | {S T Y L E}

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

~ Coco Chanel ~

My fashion style is more inclined towards the classy and feminine side. I have the tendency to stock up timeless pieces in my closet as I think that they are a great value of money. 🙃


Other Fun Facts About Me

Retro Chic Style - A Kiss of Nostalgia

High Tea anyone?

1. I refrain from using bombastic adjectives in my writing.

I agree that using bombastic language for reviews are flattering and a good chance to showcase your flair for literature.

However, my blog is targeted at the en masse in general and hence using languages that are too profound can inconvenient them. Moreover, simplicity in my description ensures that anyone is able to understand what am I trying to convey.

Good Food, Products and Services are not something that are entitled to the well-educated and aristocrats. We shouldn’t discriminate against them.

2. Somebody ever feedback that my writing style is too childish and it is time to GROW UP. 😅

Aldora Muses is my “Neverland“.

I never liked to live my life so seriously like a grown-up although sometimes it is the societal norm to see myself behave maturely. I am professional when it comes to my work but personally, I never wanted to conform to such a ‘standard’ behaviour and I simply detest pretentious people around me.

“People NEVER grow up. They merely learn how to act in public.”  

If you dislike my blog so much, you can feel free to leave anytime as nobody ever force you to read my blog with a gun in the first place. Meh!!!

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