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Why Advertise with Me?

Do take some time to find out more about me and read about some of the testimonials given by my readers below before making your decision 🙂

Terms of Service

Before I go on to elaborate about my advertising packages, please note the following disclaimer:

All reviews given by my goodself on my blog & social media platform are based solely on my honest opinions. Sales of your products / services are NOT guaranteed.

My principle is to provide honest opinions & I will declare on my blog that the post is sponsored. I also give nothing but my best in every advertising campaign I’ve worked on and hence it would be demeaning to my work if my creativity gets restricted.

Moreover, I cannot control what my readers are interested in – hence do not fault me if the response from my advertising campaigns fall way below your expectation.

Services Provided

  • Attending Media Events – subject to availability and interest
  • Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Banner Ads
  • Sponsored Video on YouTube
  • Instagram Posts
  • Product Reviews (Free & Non-Obligatory)
  • Social Media Shares on Facebook Page & Twitter

Media Kit

You may view the digital version of my Media Kit HERE with my most updated Social Media Stats.

For more details, please fill up the contact form for my updated Service Rates.

Looking forward to a lovely collaboration with you soon!


Brands which I have collaborated with to-date:


Longines Hat Party 2016, Singapore

As a tribute to Longines’ long-running passion for equestrian sports and its commitment to its lady customers, the brand presented the newly expanded Longines Equestrian Collection at the inaugural Longines Hat Party. Held at Marina Bay Sands’ Skating Rink, guests indulged in an evening of equestrian elegance and came dressed in their race day best.

Longines Hat Party

SimplySxy August 2016 Feature

SimplySxy is a magazine about Sex and Sexuality. They approached me to do an email interview with them earlier on my views on being sexy.

My interview is published on their portal at http://simplysxy.com/articles/2016/08/30/singapore-blogger-aldora/.

SimplySxy Interview


I cannot help but emphasise that I love Love LOVE fan mails and testimonials because they are my motivation and fuel to continue blogging like never before. Blogging is not easy especially I have a full-time vocation. So, thanks so much for all that kind words!

*Note: If you have stumbled upon my blog and enjoyed it very much, do drop me a note for me to feature your testimonials here as well 🙂


“I really love the layout of your blog, it’s so pretty and easy to read!”

~ Peixian


“I love your blog because I can find out so many new things, not just food but also about beauty, health, things I can do and I find reviews honest! You also let us in on different promo”

~ Yvonne Wong


“I started reading your blog as I realised I have the same zodiac as you! Then I began reading your blog more often because I like how you talk about all sorts of topics, ranging from food you tasted to your fashion choices. There wasn’t a time where I was ever disappointed when I tried the food you recommended. Also, features such as the layout, decoration and wallpaper (pink and cute bunnies!) made your blog very pretty and welcoming to readers :D”

~ Shirlyn


“I found your blog while I am searching for LINE Brown and Cony Stickers to make birthday card for my girlfriend. Your blog is amazing, it is good in presentation, clean and tidy, and informative for people to follow. I like you putting your emotion and feeling in when you are writing everyday’s happening, it makes your blog more sentimental and attractive…”

~ Jacky


“Very good blog, I really enjoyed (reading) this!”

~ Lisa

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